Ian Tulloch, Chairman.

It is my privilege to have been appointed the Fundraising Chairman of the Croydon Aviation Heritage Trust.

Aviation has a unique historical niche in the development of the character and structure of all New Zealand, and much of our history started where the Croydon Aviation Heritage Trust plans to build its $1 million aviation experience.

During my term as Mayor for 12 years in the Gore District, I have witnessed the tremendous growth in the interest of our aviation history being actively pursued daily at the Croydon aircraft restoration facility.

Our planned museum is a much needed resource to preserve our aviation history. This proposal is unique, and I ask each of you to support to the best of your ability this non-profit Trust whose sole purpose is to preserve what we are all intensely interested in - flying as it really was.


Colin & Maeva Smith

"The foundation of this concept has taken eight years to establish. Maeva and I are delighted that with such an enthusiastic Board of Trustees, the Croydon Aviation Heritage Trust will provide principles and functions for future generations to participate in."



Gerald Grocott

"The aircraft owners are only the guardians of today's aviation heritage. I hope my involvement in the Croydon Aviation Heritage Trust creates a vehicle to act as the long-term guardian for historic civil aircraft: that they may be operated and shared by anyone whose fancy is flight"





Sir Peter Elworthy (patron)

"Mandeville, tucked under the Hokonui Mountains, the historic home of Croydon Aircraft Company, is now to become the home of the Croydon Aviation Heritage Trust's unique and historic collection of ancient and beautiful aircraft, so important a part of New Zealands' history"




Peter Bowmar

"Our district has a wonderful and colourful involvement in the history of New Zealand aviation. Therefore it is not surprising that we find ourselves committed to the establishment of an Aviation Trust in Southland.





Brian Hore

"Having a lifelong interest in aviation, I am thrilled to be involved in this exciting project, preserving this early era of New Zealand aviation."






Bill Sutherland

"This project is a milestone for the history of New Zealand aviation, and I am proud to be invited to make it happen"





Graham Crawford

"I have held a passion for flying over many years. The challenge of using my sales and marketing skills to promote this very worthwhile project enables me to further enhance this cause."



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